The Digitalization of Indonesia’s Micro Businesses

We’re coming up to the tail end of a trip to the world’s fourth biggest country where we observed some incredibly successful startups, heard some fascinating stories about the country’s potential, and found 10 AI startups that are helping Indonesia compete in the global AI race. In the last part of this series, we’re going to […]

An Introduction to Spectrometers and Spectrometry

Technology is largely fascinating, though some fields are more alluring than others. Virtual reality and robotics are pretty easy concepts to understand, while technologies like optogenetics or blockchain are not nearly as accessible to the average layperson. Nonetheless, we like to spend the time it takes to understand them so we can keep our readers up-to-date on what technologies […]

What is the Best Performing Tech Stock Ever?

We recently wrote an article about how artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be compared to the “dot-com” days because “this time it’s different”. While researching that article we came across a stock that could be called the “best performing tech stock ever” which appreciated +74,000% in a single year. To put that into perspective, an investment […]

9 Hot Cybersecurity Startups

In a recent article, we discussed the topic of cybersecurity and gave you 10 publicly traded cyber security companies you could invest in to play this theme. As with any technology niche, some of the most exciting players are often startups because they are high risk and high reward. For retail investors, it becomes very […]

Top 10 Cyber Security Companies to Invest In

It seems like every time you read the news there has been another cybersecurity breach resulting in people’s names and passwords being strewn all over the internet for everyone to see. If you have a different password for every online account you have, we’re genuinely impressed, but the truth is that most people just use […]

7 of the Hottest Chinese Startups to Watch

The fact that the majority of startups we discuss here on Nanalyze are U.S. based is not just because the majority of exciting startups today are U.S. based, it’s because we’re exhibiting a behavior known as “domestic bias”. This means that you are likely to want to invest in companies that you are familiar with, […]

2 Quantum Computing Companies That Are Not D-Wave

Based on a recent analysis of our most popular articles, investors seem to have a strong interest in quantum computing. The problem for investors is that there aren’t any pure-play opportunities to invest in quantum computing at the moment. The main reason for this is that there aren’t many companies working on quantum computing. In fact, […]