Computational Drug Discovery

Simulating Cancer Cells Using Artificial Intelligence

Hoteliers in Hungary must be loving life right about now. In 2018, Hungary set a record of 31 million hotel nights booked by tourists. From obnoxious British stag do goers to snap-happy Chinese mainlanders, the streets of Budapest – that’s Hungary’s capital city for the geographically challenged – are chock full of people enjoying the “Paris of the […]

Virtual Reality for Drug Discovery is for Real

In 2016, the unthinkable happened. Pundits had been predicting a major shakeup was coming that would change the future. Yes, that’s right: The new wave of commercial virtual reality headsets finally hit the market, led by Oculus VR. And then not much changed after the peak year of 2016 when venture capitalists pumped $857 million […]

Using Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery

“Follow the money,” you’ll often hear people say, and that small bit of advice is why we pay close attention to who invests in particular companies and technologies. Firms that have lots of money to invest in risky ventures are likely to go through the difficult due diligence process to validate someone’s technology, intellectual property, and capabilities to […]

How Computational Chemistry Helps Drug Discovery

Steve Jobs once said that “the biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be the intersection of biology and technology,” and that “a new era is beginning” that he likened to the digital age that he spent most of his life working in. Numerous examples keep popping up that support his claims. You can now take someone’s […]

BioXcel Therapeutics’ AI Drug Development IPO

The industry where artificial intelligence has seen the most traction is in healthcare, something we touched upon in our most recent article on 6 AI Startups for Healthcare Management. CB Insights reported that through March of last year, AI in healthcare led all other industrial applications of AI in terms of equity deals, raising $1.8 billion across 270 deals […]

9 Computational Drug Discovery Startups Using AI

Recently we talked before how big data is the new frontier with just 0.05% of all data available today having been analyzed. There are really two reasons why this number is so low: 98% of big data has only been created in the last several years. A meaningful amount of this big data is the incessant drivel that […]

4 Companies Using Deep Learning for Drug Discovery

In a recent article we talked about how “deep learning” is a way to analyze “big data” in order to find obscure relationships in massive data sets that help you learn things that would take years and years of research to discover. Take drug discovery as an example. As investors, we like to fast forward to the FDA […]