Commercial Drones

Is Ehang IPO the Best Bet for Urban Air Mobility?

Remember Taxi Magic? No, it’s not a strain of cannabis. (You’re probably thinking of Somali Tax Ride, which itself sounds like a questionable sex act that shouldn’t cost you more than a fiver.) Taxi Magic was an app that allowed you to hail a taxi on demand. That was back in 2008, about a year […]

6 Drone Startups Getting Funding Not Called DJI

DJI is the undisputed global market leader in drones with a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on offer for the consumer, commercial and enterprise markets. The company started out with more than $105 million in funding from the likes of Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital, and has now reached a valuation of $10 billion. […]

11 Startups for Drone Mapping and Aerial Imagery

One way we keep our overworked and underpaid MBAs busy here at Nanalyze is to run predictive analytics exercises. This mainly consists of them wondering out loud what it would be like if movies from the 1980s were remade today, with the latest tech gadgetry inserted into key scenes. Take the classic “Revenge of the […]

6 Examples of Commercial Drones and Industrial Drones

If you hear a strange high-pitch whizzing sound coming from above, then odds are that a drone is being flown near you. When investors get all excited about the potential of drones, it’s not military drones they’re thinking of but rather civilian drones. Because of increased density lithium batteries and the miniaturization of high-definition video cameras, now […]