Chinese Startups

8 Top-funded Facial Recognition Startups

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the face is the door through which we can enter the future. OK, we’re a bunch of underpaid MBAs, not starving poets, but that was our less prosaic way of introducing the topic of this article: facial recognition technology. Facial recognition technologies are becoming ubiquitous, […]

10 Interesting Chinese Robotic Startups

The United States can still claim to be the largest economy in the world, at an estimated $18 trillion. For now. It’s no secret that the People’s Republic of China is gunning to be No. 1. Boasting an $11 trillion economy and 6.7 percent growth in 2016 (against 1.6 percent in the United States), it’s […]

7 of the Hottest Chinese Startups to Watch

The fact that the majority of startups we discuss here on Nanalyze are U.S. based is not just because the majority of exciting startups today are U.S. based, it’s because we’re exhibiting a behavior known as “domestic bias”. This means that you are likely to want to invest in companies that you are familiar with, […]