8 Artificial Intelligence Startups Improving CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Sounds like a self-help group for frustrated call center employees. Not quite. Rather, it’s a catch-all term for how companies manage customer interactions and data. It covers strategies involving everything from customer service to sales. Each incoming phone call or email may contain an overwhelming amount of data that a mere […]

Artificial Intelligence in Business Process Automation

“I can’t wait to push some paper today!” Said no one ever. The mind-numbing work to keep the wheels of commerce rolling—filling out invoices, deciphering hand-written memos, processing insurance claims—can be a real grind. It’s been that way since the time when Ebenezer Scrooge refused to provide another lump of coal to help warm overworked […]

The Myth of the Clever AI Chatbot

We try to stay up to speed on the latest trending technologies and we have to admit, some we simply don’t find that disruptive, however they seem to be attracting lots of attention from venture capital investors. One such technology is the “chatbot“. This is described by Chatbots Magazine (yes, a magazine dedicated to Chatbots) as […]