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Cybersecurity Startup CrowdStrike Joins Unicorn Club

Nothing like worldwide cyber-attacks and a computer hack into a major political party’s servers to motivate investors. We’re not suggesting that cybersecurity startup CrowdStrike didn’t earn its entry this month into the vaunted Unicorn Club with hard work, but the recent uptick in cyberwarfare is certainly good for the bottom line. Apparently paranoia won’t just […]

6 AI Cybersecurity Startups Keeping You Safe

The war between machines won’t likely be fought across some bomb-blasted hell-scape, with humans scuttling about like roaches trying to avoid being squashed. Rather, machines will fight it out over fiber optic connections, with the battleground being computer servers and laptops containing valuable information. You’ll recall that monochromatic pantsuits weren’t Hilary Clinton’s only problem: Russia […]

10 Venture Capital Databases for Startup Data

We do a lot of research on startup companies here at Nanalyze. (You should see the callouses on our click-and-drag index fingers.) Finding the latest and greatest startup data on private companies isn’t easy. As great and powerful as Google may be, getting 13 million results on a data search for “xyz startup” isn’t as helpful as it […]

5 Stealth Mode Startup Companies in Healthcare

In past articles we’ve talked about startups that operate “in stealth mode”. Everyone usually gets excited when startups “exit stealth mode” because now that means the company is supposed to tell us about all the great things they’ve been working on for so long. When a company operates in stealth mode, they disclose as little information as […]

5 Private 3D Printing Companies for Investors to Watch

While the “3D Printing Industry” seems to have fallen out of favor with investors, the investment thesis hasn’t changed. This is a high growth disruptive technology that is expected to have tremendous growth in the coming years. While 3D printing investors can purchase the Nanalyze 3D Printing Stocks motif for a diversified portfolio of pure-play stocks, they should also […]

5 Tech Companies Most Likely to IPO in 2016

When it comes to disruptive technology, it’s not always the most value add startups that end up having an IPO. Having an IPO simply means that there is enough interest from the institutional investment community for you to sell shares on the open market. Oftentimes successful companies don’t go the IPO route, but instead are acquired, go […]