Trio of 3D Printing Startups Join Unicorn Club

Things achieve value based on a variety of factors, rarity being one. The rarer something is, ergo, the more valuable or unique it becomes, whether we’re talking about a 50-year-old Scotch or a Def Leppard fan under the age of 45. In other words, rarity isn’t always about price but prestige and exclusivity. We talked […]

7 of the Most Funded 3D Printing Startups in 2017

From customized sneakers to orbital rockets, its seems that 3D printing is making a comeback thanks to a new wave of innovation. A $200 million mega-round in late December helped 2017 finish as the best year ever for venture-capital-backed startups in terms of funding. One of the industry’s biggest boosters, GE, believes 3D printing will […]

The Top 5 3D Printer Companies Funded in 2016

After the hype bubble sent 3D printing stocks tumbling in 2014, the industry is starting to recover, shedding much of the fat associated with consumer 3D printing. Instead, industrial 3D printers have become the focus, with even desktop 3D printer manufacturers focusing heavily on the application of affordable 3D printing for prototyping and designing, rather […]

What if 3D Printing was 1000x Faster?

What if 3D Printing was 1000x Faster? Just a few months ago, an interesting 3D printing startup emerged from stealth mode called Carbon3D. The Company took the 3D printing community by storm with their claim of a new 3DP technology that was up to 100X faster than current methods. The unveiling of this company’s technology […]