Carbon Dioxide

The Best Pure Play Carbon Capture Stock

If you’re looking for a carbon capture stock, you might pitch your tent in one of two camps. The first camp believes that reducing carbon will save the planet, and therefore we must pursue this mission at all costs, profits be damned. The second camp believes that because so much money is being thrown at […]

6 Sustainable Materials Made from Microalgae and Seaweed

One thing about emerging technologies is that you never know when – or if – they will finally fulfill their promise or fall flat. Take the miracle material graphene. Thin, light, and hard as a diamond, graphene was supposed to revolutionize how we build everything in the future. Not so much. We’ve written about 30 […]

How Can We Reduce Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere?

Not one week goes by without an update, warning, or recommendation on climate change. While the topic has become a fashionable subject for hipsters to discuss over their avocado toast, and money men to frown upon, everyone’s missing the point. It is really about the long-term prospects of our way of life, and how science […]

Newlight Technologies and AirCarbon: Plastic from Air

Socially responsible investments are a hot topic right now with the amount of money invested in such strategies increasing from $13.3 trillion in 2012 to $21.4 trillion in 2014. This is a good thing. If anything, it shows that investors are focusing less on the almighty dollar and more on trying to leave the world a […]

Liquid Light Turns Carbon Dioxide into Chemicals

The world is addicted to crude oil. Every day we consume around 90 million barrels or 3.8 billion gallons of crude oil, 84% of which is used for energy production. The other 16% is used as a raw material to create a multitude of other chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics. […]

Lanzatech Shines in Synthetic Biology

In yesterday’s article, we discussed how synthetic biology is being used by companies such as Joule to develop genetically altered organisms that can produce hydrocarbon diesel fuel and ethanol directly from sunlight and waste CO2. Another exciting private company in this space is LanzaTech. About LanzaTech Founded in 2005, New Zealand based Lanzatech has raised […]