Benefits of Cannabis Genetics for Producing Weed

One of the common complaints about 420 events—aside from the haze that settles over the crowd like a rolling San Francisco fog—is that the celebrations have turned into an excuse to smoke excessive amounts of weed in public. Some of you may be wondering: Isn’t that exactly the point of 420? Sure, we’re as happy […]

The Only Country Where Marijuana is Legal

Marijuana as an investment theme continues to gain momentum as people increasingly view the magical herb as less about “drugs are bad, m’kay” and more about a plant that can be grown at scale and marketed in any number of ways to a prime demographic at varying price points, some with very high margins. Then […]

10 New Canadian Marijuana Stocks Added to HMMJ

We never cease to be amazed by the number of people who suddenly want to dabble in the stock market now that “marijuana stocks” have become a thing. Many of these well-intentioned folks will have never invested until now, so we always like to use this as an opportunity to educate. You do not get […]

The Current State of Weed in Israel

It’s a well-known fact that Israel is the unofficial startup capital of the world. There are nearly 6,000 startups in a country of about 8.5 million people, roughly the same population as New York City. What you may not know is that Israel is also the unofficial capital of cannabis research on the planet and […]

9 Cannabis Startups with Seed-to-Sale Solutions

We remember the days before Big Marijuana, when buying weed was much easier. We would pull up a block or two away from a seedy house in a rundown neighborhood. The front yard probably hadn’t been mowed since Nixon was president. Our dealer was named Weeda. For $25, she would hand over a quarter-ounce of […]

Here’s Why Investors are Investing in Cannabis

It’s been almost five years since voters in Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, while it’s approaching 20 years when the state first enacted medical marijuana laws in 2000. It got us to thinking. And then we forgot what we were thinking about for a while. Oh, yes: What happens when you legalize weed? We’ll leave the […]

An OTC Marijuana Penny Stock That’s Not a Scam?

Ever since we first opened Nanalyze, we’ve been emphatic about exposing retail investors to the dangers of over-the-counter (OTC) stocks. Unfortunately the excitement over many emerging technologies means that OTC companies will inevitably sprout up claiming to be your next path to riches. It’s not just emerging technologies, but really any theme that’s generating a […]

Baker – CRM Software for Marijuana Dispensaries

The strange thing about drugs is that people who don’t do them at all have a totally different view than your occasional recreational drug user. Those people who have never puffed a joint might understandably equate a puff of marijuana with a hit of acid. Recreational drug users know that the inability to distinguish which drugs are the […]

A Marijuana Breathalyzer from Hound Labs

It’s been a while since we’ve written about anything marijuana-related, which isn’t intuitive considering how popular this topic is with our readers. Sure, cannabis isn’t an emerging technology, it’s so much more than that man. It’s a way of life, and it’s no longer considered taboo. Now you can smoke weed in your company parking […]