Cannabis IPO

Weedmaps – The Cannabis SPAC Has Finally Arrived

SPACs are now being issued at such a frantic pace that finding the right company has been substituted with finding any company that’s up for it. In its original form, the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) was meant to be a fund that investors entrusted with a sizable amount of money. The fund’s manager, who […]

Why You Should Pass on the High Times IPO Grass

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the emergence of companies that build their entire business around newsletters, CB Insights perhaps being the most notable success story. More recently there have been a number of newsletter startups targeting retail investors with a daily “what you need to know,” along with cutesy little office polls where […]

Cannabis Startups Taking in Sizable Funding Rounds

The cannabis industry is moving so fast these days, we hardly have any time to partake ourselves because we’re too busy trying to keep track of all of the IPOs and mega investments into these newly minted billion-dollar corporations like Aurora Cannabis (ACB) and Aphria (APHA). While there were certainly plenty of listings on U.S. […]

A Marijuana Venture Capital Firm Has an IPO

If you were watching the market yesterday, you may have noticed the complete lunacy on display as shares of Tilray breached $250 per share. It’s almost impossible to fathom such irrational exuberance. When the company CEO sat down on CNBC’s Mad Money recently, talking about his company reaching a $100 billion market cap, people must have […]

Buying Marijuana Stocks in 2018 – Is it Too Late?

It was January of 2016 when we coined our first article on the marijuana investment theme, and since then things have blown up. The amount of interest we have had from first-time retail investors who want to buy marijuana stocks has far exceeded any other technology-related investment themes we cover here on Nanalyze. Part of […]

Tilray IPO Offers U.S. Investors New Cannabis Stock

The world is going to pot. Or, more specifically, the whole world seems to be smoking it. Last month, Canada legalized recreational marijuana, setting Oct. 17 as the first day for sales. That makes our great neighbor to the north only the second country in the world to completely legalize it, following Uruguay. The African […]

A Cannabis IPO From The Green Organic Dutchman

For the most part, we receive nothing but positive feedback about our articles, and that’s because most of us have MBAs and we’re not afraid to use them. However on occasion, we do piss people off. Usually its because of something we said about John in Mumbai, or Chinese people who speak Engrish, but recently […]

The 5 Biggest Marijuana Startups by Funding

As the cannabis market blooms in the US and across the globe, industry credibility rises with each successful entrepreneurial venture. Prior to the trial-by-fire of running a successful business, all companies begin by obtaining funding: funding that comes from sources like private investors, bank loans or by selling company stock to the public. Due to […]

The First Cannabis IPO in the U.S. Was Just Approved

Our last article on 57 marijuana stocks was a big hit and we felt good about spreading the message that out of those 57 stocks, the majority are just over-the-counter (OTC) trash. The opportunities we’re seeing are the big Canadian growers like Canopy Growth and Aphria and also the private companies that are making good […]