Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Canada

“Canada eh, they started a country and nobody showed up”, Rodney Dangerfield once quipped. He was probably referring to the fact that Canada has the second-largest landmass of any other country in the world, but only 36 million people living there (about the same number of people living in California.) The difference of course between Californians […]

5 Marijuana ETFs for Investing in Cannabis

We’ve been on one of those kind of trips recently. You know the kind: Strapped into the memory time machine, revisiting the past to make sense of the present to think about the future. Old friends growing older but not out of date—others past their expiration date—as we wound our way around the good U.S. […]

Canadian Weed Industry is Ready to Start Smoking

Investing in the budding marijuana industry can be sticky business. Last year, at this time we compiled a list of 57 weed stocks, but warned that you’d be better off rolling a blunt with a twenty-dollar bill than buying most of the garbage out there. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. One of […]

6 Canadian Robotics Startups Not Called Clearpath

Did you know there is a prison for polar bears in Canada? Neither did we. We’ve become particularly fascinated by the world’s second largest country by area and first in consumption of mac and cheese (referred to as Kraft Dinner by the locals). After all, what’s not to like from a country that basically bans […]

9 Canadian AI Startups Making Canada Great Again

One could be forgiven for believing that there’s not much to Canada aside from hockey, beer, and accents straight out of the movie Fargo. After all, most of us of a certain generation learned everything we thought we’d ever need to know about America’s underpopulated neighbor to the north by watching Strange Brew. But during […]