Brain Computer Interface

9 Neurotechnology Companies Merging Humans and Machines

The days of living inside a biological human shell are almost over. At least that’s what futurists are hoping for, as we roll out more advanced neurotechnology that allows humans to interface directly with machines. It’s possibly both the most exciting and most alarming thing happening in life sciences right now. We previously looked at […]

Kernel Offers Brain-Computer Interface as a Service

This year we learned about a mind-blowing advance in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology for recording and interpreting neural signals. Founded by a wealthy and outsized personality, the West Coast startup has raised more than $100 million to advance the boundaries of neuroscience, augment human memory, and perhaps meld mind and machine in mind-bending ways. You […]

7 Ways Brain-Computer Interface Companies Are Using AI

While we’re still a couple of months out from the release of the final installment of the Star Wars triple trilogy, you can already buy tickets to watch the good guys blow up the Death Star for the fifth or sixth time (we’ve lost count). The 42-year-old franchise has raked in more than $9.3 billion […]

CTRL-labs Uses AI for Brain-Computer Interface

We’re always being told that the three pounds of grey matter jiggling around in your skull remains the most powerful computer in the world. But consider this: The latest and greatest supercomputer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee can do 200 quadrillion math calculations per second. It would take us fleshy bipeds more […]

29 Neurotech Companies Interfacing With Your Brain

A recent news topic that raised some eyebrows was the revelation that the human brain can literally reprogram itself. The brain is such a complex piece of hardware that there’s practically no way we’ll ever understand it without using a greater intelligence. This is one of the reasons why the emergence of artificial intelligence is […]

Synchron – A Brain Computer Interface Using Stentrodes

Our brains contain about 2.5 petabytes (2,500,000 gigabytes) of storage, enough to store the entire contents of all US academic research libraries. The human brain is remarkable in that it seems to have a mind of its own. When you learn new things, your brain actually undergoes physical changes. With the advent of Google and smartphones, […]

Neural Dust, Bioelectronics, and Electroceuticals

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you injected mind controlled nanorobots into a cockroach’s brain? Neither have we, but apparently some Israeli researchers thought this was a pretty cool thing to do. They created a nanobot out of DNA and then put drugs in it with a lock that was activated by an electromagnetic […]

OpenBCI – Brain-Computer Interface Tech for the Masses

We at Nanalyze believe the Fourth Industrial Revolution—the convergence of all kinds of cool technology with our economic, social and even biological systems—is the most exciting time to be alive since at least the invention of Ziploc storage bags and the TV dinner (both in 1954, by the way). Seriously, though, even our imaginations sometimes […]

Neuroprosthesis vs. Neuromodulation – Why it Matters

This may be the single most boring title for an article we’ve ever chosen, but we promise you that it’s an interesting and relevant topic. In some recent articles, we introduced a small niche of technology under brain-computer interfaces called neuroprosthesis in which devices can substitute your brain’s motor, sensory or cognitive functions that might have been […]

Brain Computer Interfaces – 10 Startups to Watch

It’s only a matter of time before we’re able to control things with our minds using brain-computer interfaces, even communicate to each other just using our minds. Think telepathy is just fiction? It’s not. Facebook is actually hiring neuroscientists to build brain computer interfaces so that all you people who spend half your waking time […]