Utility Tokens vs. Security Tokens – Why it Matters

It’s amazing how popular public opinion can drive herds of investors in directions that are sometimes fatal. Take for example Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), most of which offer up something called “utility tokens”. These are largely worthless tokens that live on the blockchain and have no equity behind them, yet media pundits still offer up speculations as to […]

ICO Scams – How to Tell if an ICO is a Scam

Now that we’re starting to hear about some massive ICO scams, we figured that lots of people might be interested in knowing how to tell if an ICO is a scam. It’s something that 32,000 people wish they knew before giving those Vietnamese lads at “Pincoin” $600 million – which they promptly ran away with. Fortunately, our crack team […]

5 Bitcoin Mining Hardware Companies for Crypto Miners

There’s a decent likelihood that many of the people who stumble upon this article don’t even know what bitcoin is, but their mate’s cousin made a fortune after he bought a bunch of bitcoin mining hardware and struck gold. So, where do we even begin? We will start by telling you the most important thing […]

5 Startups Creating Security Tokens on the Blockchain

Ilusory superiority refers to the propensity of humans to overestimate themselves when compared to others. Take for example the survey they did of Stanford MBAs, of which 87% rated their academic performance as above the median. While that sort of ignorance can be expected from people with MBAs, it’s actually a far more widespread problem. The truth […]

4 Blockchain ETFs for Investing in Blockchain

When it comes to telling people what your business does, you’re supposed to have what’s called an “elevator pitch”. It’s a succinct way to describe your value proposition that doesn’t bore people to tears. When describing Nanalyze, we always use the same example. Suppose your dad was watching the evening telly and saw an excerpt […]

Exchange Foreign Currencies for Free with Revolut

There used to be this commonly thrown around “statistic” about how only 20% of Americans held a passport, of course implying that they’re just a bunch of ethnocentric tools, who only understand the world through a stars-and-stripes lens. Turns out that both statements have a bit of truth to them. As recently as 2003, just […]

Sell Your DNA for Cryptocurrency with Nebula Genomics

Some people question the merits of a college degree for good reason. If you’ve any spent any length of time with MBAs, or studying for your own MBA and taking “leadership classes”, you’ll quickly realize that the real skills needed to succeed in the business world can’t be taught in a classroom. You either have […]

The Top-5 Biggest Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap

We recently published an article on how you can short bitcoin or 5 other cryptocurrencies without actually having to hold the tokens themselves. On the same platform, you can also go long bitcoin, which turned out to be a lot better strategy than shorting it. While we were speculating with our new bitcoin account at eToro, […]

A Look at Human IPOs, Human ICOs, and ISAs

Many people seem to be getting all excited about ICOs because they will “fix the broken venture capital model”. It’s as if all the amazing technological innovations around us are somehow lacking and if we could only democratize the flow of money to startups, that would somehow result in an even faster pace of innovation. That’s a […]

How to Short Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

There’s an old saying in the investment community that says “bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered“. While the implication here is not to be greedy, it makes a good point about how there’s money to be made for investors if companies rise or if companies fall. If you think that a particular […]