5 Real-World Use Cases for Blockchain in Supply Chains

Using blockchain technology to create efficiencies in large industries could reap billion-dollar rewards for driven founders. For example, we recently met with a startup called Othera that is using blockchain to transform the residential mortgage industry. They’ve partnered with a co-op that represents over 150 mortgage originators that generate in excess of $230 billion in mortgages per year. The founders are experienced […]

How Blockchain Will Transform Residential Mortgages

In our previous piece, The Global Impact of Cheap Satellites and Launches, we talked about how there are very few trillion-dollar industries in this world. When you’re an entrepreneur, a trillion-dollar industry is pretty exciting because all you need to do is capture 0.01% of it and you’ll have $1 billion. Take the $1.7 trillion U.S. […]

Using Blockchain for Commercial Real Estate

Commercialized blockchain solutions are like high school sex. Everyone claims they’re doing it, for the few that are, it’s not as great as they say it is, and it’s only the teachers who actually know what they’re doing. One impediment for blockchain technology was the ICO debacle which fleeced more suckers than you can shake a stick […]

Using Blockchain for Will and Testaments

They say that everyone dies twice – once when they take their last breath, and again when the last person to remember them takes their last breath. It’s a morbid topic that only becomes more depressing when you realize that most people aren’t prepared for it financially. Approximately 55% of American adults do not have a will […]

Helium – Solving the IoT Connectivity Problem

When crowdfunding began gaining in popularity, it became quickly apparent that the platform was going to be exploited by scammers. Soon, it became difficult to tell whether or not the shoddy management team that failed to bring a product to market leaving a bunch of disgruntled “customers” in their wake was acting maliciously or not. […]

Using Blockchain for International Payments

When you spend your days producing insightful articles and giving them away for free, you need to conserve your costs so that you can make sure the MBAs who produce the stuff receive a fair wage. In other words, when you’re bootstrapping you need to count your pennies. The world is your oyster, so you go to […]

Solving Indonesia’s Big “Big Data” Problem

If you look at how technologically mature countries are relative to their size, the world’s biggest country (China) is well on its way to becoming a tech superpower. The same can be said for the world’s third biggest country (United States). The second biggest country (India) has its problems, but for the most part, it’s pretty obvious […]

Art Tokens for the Millennial Generation

We have a lot of fun writing articles here at Nanalyze, and it shows in the quality of our content which our lovely readers consume and share across the globe. Sure, we do piss a few people off occasionally when we use cultural stereotypes in a humorous manner, but the people who complain about it […]

About the IBM Blockchain Technology Platform

When it comes to finding technology stocks that are suitable for a dividend growth investing strategy, you won’t find much selection. If you filter all stocks that belong to the “information technology” sector by “number of years dividend increased > 20,” you will have just a small handful of names. The first would be Automatic Data Processing (ADP), […]

Utility Tokens vs. Security Tokens – Why it Matters

It’s amazing how popular public opinion can drive herds of investors in directions that are sometimes fatal. Take for example Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), most of which offer up something called “utility tokens”. These are largely worthless tokens that live on the blockchain and have no equity behind them, yet media pundits still offer up speculations as to […]