Bionic Eyes

Smart Contact Lenses – How Far Away Are They?

When thinking about the potential of emerging technologies, it’s often good to try and visualize the most extreme endpoint that you can think of, where the technology would be fully matured. We’ve done this before when we thought about what real-time virtual reality might look like, or when we thought about what a fully functioning autonomous […]

5 Computer Vision and Image Understanding Companies

You’ve probably heard by now that Google’s artificial intelligence program called AlphaGo beat the world Go champion to win $1 million in prize money heralding a new era for AI advancements. Go, which has been played for 2,500 years, is difficult for a computer to master because it has more moves possible than atoms in the […]

Cognex Machine Vision – Bionic Eyes for Robots

If robots are going to start stealing everyone’s jobs then we want a piece of all those cost savings. We’ve talked about some exciting opportunities for investing in robotic startups, but there also seems to be quite a varied selection of publicly traded robot-related stocks for retail investors. There’s even the Robo Global Robotics & Automation ETF […]

Second Sight’s Bionic Eye Implants

In a previous article, we discussed the planned IPO for SynCardia Systems, a company that makes artificial hearts. From 3D printed organs to growing windpipes, the movement towards creating “artificial body parts” seems to be growing at an unprecedented pace. A technology that can be used to create bionic eyes for those who are blind […]