Why BrainChip Stock Should Be Avoided

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results, then the same can be said for investors who repeatedly invest in stocks that have more red flags than a Chinese military parade. The biggest giveaway is the gaggle of prophets that come around letting you know what great opportunity […]

Neuromorphic Computing Rethinks AI Chip Design

One of the classic movie scenes of all time is when Gene Wilder’s reluctant mad scientist, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (Franken-STEEN!), realizes his incompetent henchman Igor got his hands on an abnormal brain (or, as the hunchback believed, it belonged to someone named Abby Normal). Hilarity ensued. However, that cinematic moment also reminds us that if […]

8 Biomimicry Examples Taken From Actual Startups

There is some darn cool stuff going on in nature. Spider silk is five times stronger than steel, a mantis shrimp is quicker than a bullet, and tardigrades can live for a decade without food. How can we take some of these amazing natural occurrences and exploit them to our own advantage? The design of […]