11 Public Safety Solutions for Smart Cities Using IoT

If you watch the news regularly, you might think the world is a dangerous place, especially if you subscribe to one of the many online news aggregators that feed your paranoid echo chamber with personalized news feeds. In reality, both violent and property crimes have dropped significantly over the last 25 years. Public perception is […]

Pindrop – Voice Authentication and Voice Verification

Voice authentication and voice verification methods may have some obvious use cases – when you call your bank for example – but there is a far more important need for such solutions. That’s because there’s an interesting scam going around these days which targets the elderly. Here’s how it works. First, the scammer looks for […]

Veridium’s 4 Fingers Biometric Authentication

According to a report by LastPass, your average corporate slave manages 191 passwords at their job. That may explain why 81% of breaches are a result of weak, reused, or stolen passwords. If that isn’t a compelling enough reason to ditch passwords, then maybe the time wasted using them is: That’s right, you can squeeze 7.2 hours […]

Faception – AI Powered Facial Recognition Technology

You won’t find more enthusiastic supporters of the Fourth Industrial Revolution than us, as long as the technology is solid, the business plan is sound and society progresses toward a better future for all of us. And then there’s isht out there that scares the bejesus out of us, stoking our worst dystopian fears, like […]

BioCatch – Behavioral Biometrics for Fraud Detection

Can you imagine traveling to the U.S. as a citizen of a foreign country and being delayed at the airport because of who you are? Having to subject yourself to additional questioning, be looked at as if you were some kind of a freak show, being discriminated against all because of some oppressive circumstance that you […]

Biometric Authentication Provides Body of Evidence

If you’re as plugged in as we are, then you probably have something like 150 online accounts. That means you probably have 150 variations of the same half-dozen login names and passwords. And chances are, you’ve gotten a message from a friend in the last few months telling you that it looks like you got […]