Big Data

Reinventing Medical Research Studies With Qolty

The first time you fly into Los Angeles on a clear-ish day, and look across the great concrete expanse of the city, you see a landscape that’s so barren it would seem that the only thing growing there is the crime rate. That’s not entirely true though, because as the property values in Silicon Valley […]

Solving Indonesia’s Big “Big Data” Problem

If you look at how technologically mature countries are relative to their size, the world’s biggest country (China) is well on its way to becoming a tech superpower. The same can be said for the world’s third biggest country (United States). The second biggest country (India) has its problems, but for the most part, it’s pretty obvious […]

The World’s Biggest Database of Pathogens

We make no secret of the fact that many of our MBAs love to travel to faraway places, trying to rid themselves of ethnocentric bias, and trying to uncover cultural stereotypes we can use to take the piss out of countries in our “Top AI Startups in Country X” articles every chance we get. If you’re a […]

Big Data vs. Data Warehouses. What’s the Difference?

Technology progresses at a pace that’s impossible to keep up with, and aging technology executives will soon find that all those undergraduate technology classes are becoming quickly outdated. If you’re a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at a large firm, you don’t have a ton of time to learn about new technologies because you’re too busy […]

Synthetic Data Platforms for Training AI Algos Cheaply

We recently introduced you to the best facial recognition algorithms out there today. Computer vision is one of the key artificial intelligence technologies empowering facial recognition – so you can tag yourself on Facebook or fulfill some furries fetish on Snapchat – as well as everything from self-driving cars to retail automation. These achievements rely […]

How to Invest in the China Social Credit Score

About a year ago or so, we noticed how emerging technologies and investment opportunities in China are becoming increasingly important for technology investors to stay on top of. There are about 1.3 billion reasons for that, but we’ll list a few here outside of the 10 ways the communist-cum-capitalist country is already beating the United States in […]

Dataminr – AI for Social Media Big Data Mining

Before the dawn of the Digital Age, there was an oft-used expression, “I’m an open book,” meaning it’s easy to know what someone is feeling or thinking because they hide nothing. These are also the same people who probably drive windowless cargo vans filled with shiny toys. The rise of social media empires like Facebook […]

How Background Checks Use Artificial Intelligence

People are creepy, and we’re not just talking about clowns and people who drive cargo vans. We recently learned that nearly one-third of our fellow American adults, more than 70 million people, have been arrested on a felony charge at some point in their lives. We should note that arrests do not equal convictions, so […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Used to Expedite Research

Our underpaid MBAs spend a lot of time doing research here at Nanalyze. We want to be as comprehensive as possible to ensure that we’re bringing our lovely readers the best stories about technology and retail investing. But that takes time. There are close to two billion websites out there on the interwebs, so tracking […]

6 Startups Improving Weather Forecasting Technology

Everyone likes to talk about the weather. Almost every conversation, at some point, seems to circle back to how much snow they got on the east coast or how little rain they’ve received on the west coast. But the weather is more than idle chit chat. It can cause floods and landslides, help yield a […]