How to Track People and Assets with Averos

We recently looked at an Australian 3D printing company that was investing in Industry 4.0 which Wikipedia defines as “the subset of the fourth industrial revolution that concerns industry.” In the eyes of most companies, Industry 4.0 consists of vomiting every management consulting buzzword that can be found onto one slide of a pitch deck […]

7 Stadium Technologies for Smart Sports Stadiums

Here you are, facing a tough choice, at least if you belong to the 37% of Americans who are avid football fans. Your bestest buddy just got a couple of tickets for the big game. Your favorite drinking partner and your No. 1 team – what could go wrong? Plenty, as it turns out. Attending […]

8 Startups Following You with Beacon Technology

As we covered in May, audio beacons used to track and respond to consumer behavior are all the rage these days. The Proximity.Directory Report—known in industry lingo as Proxbook—found over 15 million proximity sensors deployed globally as of the second quarter in 2017. ABI Research predicts that number to reach over 400 million by 2020. Of […]

How Audio Beacons Monitor You Via Smartphone

Has this ever happened to you? You’re talking to someone about something obscure and then the next time you open your phone, you see an ad for what you were just talking about. You’re pretty sure that this was the first time that this obscure topic came up and you get a strange deja vu […]

The Physical Web vs. iBeacons vs. Eddystone vs. IoT

Confused about terms like Eddystone, iBeacons, or “The Physical Web”? So are we. Let’s explain these technical terms simply starting with IoT. The Internet of Things (also abbreviated as IoT) is the notion that everything around us will eventually be connected to the Internet. This could be anything from your car being connected to your […]

iBeacon Technology and Estimote’s Bluetooth Beacons

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the promise of everything around us being connected. One very cool technology that’s come about recently is the beacon. While the terms beacon and iBeacon are used interchangeably, Apple first introduced iBeacon technology in 2013. So what is a beacon or iBeacon? A beacon is a very small device that […]