Autonomous Vehicles

Zendrive Tackles Distractions While Driving

In a recent article we talked about how valuable autonomous driving data is, especially when it’s accompanied by things like the driver’s actual reaction to an event as it happens. We threw out some pretty interesting facts about how many collisions are caused by distracted driving. And we’re not just talking about texting while driving. […]

Nauto – Autonomous Driving Data from Real Drivers

Lately we seem to see lots of mixed signals about where this latest bull market is headed. On one hand, we’d like to believe that the vast efficiencies we’ll realize with artificial intelligence algorithms place us on the cusp of the biggest bull market mankind has ever seen. On the other hand, some of the […]

9 Startups Developing LiDAR Sensors for Cars

Everyone’s an armchair company leadership expert on Twitter these days, and no company has been given as much free leadership advice as Uber. From an investor’s perspective, one of Uber’s biggest problems is that there are no barriers to entry in the ride-sharing business. Uber has no real intellectual property that prevents anyone from offering a similar ride-sharing […]

Autonomous Aerial Vehicles – How Far Away Are We?

The flying car has been a staple in sci-fi literature for nearly a century now, and it appears we might be on the cusp of making those fantasies a reality. Earlier this year, we wrote about the 9 companies that are developing their own flying cars. With the recent rise in popularity of retail drones, […]

7 Autonomous Vehicles that Aren’t Automobiles

We’ve written at length about the range of investment opportunities within the autonomous vehicles industry for largely institutional investors. Sure, there are some publicly traded stocks out there for retail investors like Mobileye but the real excitement is in the startup space. With each year that passes, we inch closer toward autonomous vehicles making their […]

Clearpath Robotics – Autonomous Robots for All

With the advent of drones that fly near continuously and self-driving transport vehicles, there is little doubt that robotics will be a dominating technology theme for the next few decades. Over time, we would expect to see more and more autonomous robots around us going about doing automated tasks. There are now robots that sling pizzas, […]

5 New Self Driving Car Companies

The notion of cars that drive themselves is one that becomes more and more real with each passing day. Acquisitions seem to be happening left and right, and almost every major auto manufacturer is devoting resources to bring us a self driving car. Companies like Google, Uber, and Tesla are all devoting significant investments to the self driving […]

Who is Velodyne and What is LiDAR?

The idea of an autonomous car is exciting as it promises to reduce traffic-related deaths, however, it also threatens to displace the +220,000 taxi drivers in the U.S. alone, not to mention other countries as well. While the fully autonomous car may still be +5 years away, we’re already starting to see autonomous vehicles commercialized and a fair number […]

The First Autonomous Vehicles from 2getthere

Last week we wrote an article about 5 companies that are building an autonomous electric bus, the majority of which are just at the early stages of commercialization with various pilot projects launched. One Dutch company has been working on autonomous vehicles which operate on electric power since 1984 and is the first of all […]

5 Companies Building an Autonomous Electric Bus

With 1.2 billion vehicles driving on the world’s roads today, the automotive technology space holds a great deal of promise for investors. Technologies such as connected vehicles and driverless trucks are attracting the attention of investors while Elon Musk continues to push us in the direction of a world full of autonomous vehicles. In a recent […]