Automotive Technology

6 Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication Startups

In a recent article, we covered 10 startups that are connecting cars and the huge effect they could have on roadways in the coming years. Another interesting (and related) technology that investors should watch is vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. The market extends to other methods of vehicle communication aside from just talking to “the cloud”. These […]

10 Connected Car Technology Startups

Right now the world is in the midst of the Internet-of-Everything revolution. Our TVs, refrigerators, and thermostats offer internet-connected features that range in their usefulness. It comes as no surprise that internet-connected cars and devices are surging in popularity – but there are some better reasons to seek connectivity in a car than there is in […]

9 Auto Tech Startups with Cool Stuff for Your Ride

With most the auto tech talk being about autonomous cars, we’re becoming a bit concerned that we may be moving towards a society that discourages humans from driving. We previously hypothesized about an autonomous taxi company that could get almost constant utilization from vehicles as opposed to the 5% current utilization of your average car. […]

Is Smart Glass a Smart Investment Yet?

Does it seem like everything is becoming smarter? Soon even your toothbrush will have more computing power than the space shuttle. One smart technology that’s been around well before the term came into vogue is smart glass. But is it a smart investment yet? Smart glass, also referred to as dynamic or switchable glass, is […]

9 Companies Building Flying Cars

As Peter Thiel wryly quipped, “We wanted flying cars and all we got was 140 characters”. This made us think, just how far are we away from realizing flying cars? Is this next on Elon Musk’s to-do list after he makes them all-electric first? Just three days ago, Google co-founder Larry Page made the news with […]

5 Connected Vehicle Technology Startups

In a recent article, we demystified some of the terminology used to describe the Internet of Things (IoT), a technology that promises to connect all the devices around us and ultimately make the world a better place. If that utopian vision doesn’t come to fruition, then at least marketing people everywhere will have more “big data” on […]

Metromile: Pay As You Go Auto Insurance

In a previous article, we talked about a startup company called Automatic Labs which allows you to turn your old car into a smart car with the introduction of a simple device that plugs into the OBD-II port of your vehicle. Automatic Labs isn’t the only player in this space, and we recently came across another […]

Automatic Labs: New Auto Technology for Your Old Car

There’s lots of excitement these days about disruption in the auto industry, like smarter cars that can drive themselves for example. Companies like Faraday Future are promising to make driving your car a much more personalized experience with their soon to be unveiled electric vehicle built by ex-employees of Tesla. But what about those of us who already own […]

MBLY: The Only Driverless Car Stock to Invest In

When thinking about truly disruptive technologies, one that has to be ranked as one of the most disruptive is that of driverless cars. If as a society we really move in that direction, it’s likely to be tremendously disruptive for auto insurance companies, taxi drivers, traffic speed monitoring solutions, ambulance services, long haul trucking, etc. […]