Augmented Reality Gaming

Anki – Robots, AI, and AR in Your Living Room

When we think about robots, we often think of humanoid helpers like in the Jetsons (it’s a cartoon that older people distinguished people would have watched growing up) or massive industrial automatons that build those Teslas you see whizzing around these days. Maybe instead, we are reminded of a looming job crisis, where machines threaten to steal our livelihoods. In any […]

5 Augmented Reality Game Companies to Watch

While the key focus for consumer-facing mixed reality devices remains virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) is making in-roads in the enterprise market. Big companies like Facebook (Oculus Rift), HTC (Vive), Sony (PlayStation VR) and Google (Cardboard, Daybreak) are investing billions into headsets that transport users into virtual worlds. We recently highlighted the best VR headset to […]