Augmented Hearing

Interpreting Sign Language Using Artificial Intelligence

While discussing cultural stereotypes is borderline illegal in ‘Murica these days, we have no problem opening those doors. That’s because cultural stereotypes largely have some truth to them which makes them amusing – unless you’re German in which case you probably don’t have a sense of humor. Corporations today are becoming increasingly globalized and it’s […]

6 Startups Working on How to Fix Hearing Loss

We find ourselves spending less time in the pub these days. Not because we don’t like to drink anymore—on the contrary, we have more reasons than ever to imbibe—but because it has become virtually impossible to carry on a conversation without going hoarse and spitting profusely into the listener’s ear in the process. The noise […]

Doppler Labs – Smart Earbuds for Augmented Hearing

In recent articles, we’ve talked about how augmented reality may be the biggest opportunity ever. Introduced to the world with the emergence of Pokémon Go, augmented reality aims to blend virtual reality with the real world. Much of the work being done in this industry focuses on sight, augmenting the way that we see the world and […]