Green Growth Brands Stock + Aphria Stock = ?

When we approach any particular investment opportunity, we try not to get too overwhelmed by the marketing spin and focus purely on what common sense tells us about what we see. When it comes to investing in marijuana stocks, you really need to try to avoid spin. Fortunately, we have unique insights into this space because […]

Aphria Inc Stock – What You Need to Know

It seems like the more volatile cannabis stocks become, the more people show interest in them. With the entire market correcting right now, everyone’s trying to call the bottom instead of using Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA) to accumulate their positions over time. DCA is all about reducing a risk called “market timing”. Then there’s the concept of diversification, […]

A Cannabis Stock that Sells the Cheapest Weed

With this past week’s legalization of recreational cannabis in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada, investors are starting to perk their ears up when it comes to cannabis stocks. With all the historical taboos associated with cannabis, institutional investors are scared to dip their toes in the water here which means good information on this investment […]