Ancestry DNA Testing

A Review of the GPS Origins DNA Ancestry Test

There is an incredible amount of information that can be found within your DNA, and we’re only beginning to understand it all. While some applications like DNA fitness tests have a questionable value, a more popular application has been that of DNA ancestry tests. It’s easy enough to find out if the results are just […]

AncestryDNA vs 23andMe vs FamilyTreeDNA vs Living DNA

AncestryDNA vs 23andMe vs FamilyTreeDNA vs Living DNA With the cost of gene sequencing plummeting each year, personal genetic tests are the latest fad with genetic test providers like, 23andMe, Living DNA, and FamilyTreeDNA all competing to get their hands in your wallet provide you with amazing insights about your ancestors. With tests ranging from […]

Ancestry Genetic Tests: AncestryDNA vs 23andMe

We wrote before about the DNA ancestry test offerings from 23andMe ($149 for international buyers and $199 for buyers in the U.S.) and AncestryDNA ($99) from Both of these companies have about the same number of people who have taken the test (1 million). Given that these two tests appear to offer about the same value […] and AncestryDNA Genetic Testing

In a previous article, we talked about DNA testing company 23andMe which can tell you all about your genetic makeup through a simple saliva test that you mail to the company. You can also choose to have 23andMe compare your DNA to the 1 million other people who have taken the same test to see if […]