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How to Invest in Farmland with AcreTrader

There’s an old slang term that emerged around World War II, and you still hear it today: “He bought the farm.” It referred to when a service member died. The military would pay out a death beneficiary to the family. The payout would perhaps fulfill the dream of buying a little plot of land somewhere […]

Invest in Income Share Agreements with Edly

What every employer wants are candidates with particular skills – technical and interpersonal – and the determination to see their company to success. These are the sorts of people employers want to invest in. Now, you can too. With all the world’s information only as far away as a Google search, the ability to connect […]

Why Farmland Investing Makes Sense

The term “flight to quality” refers to the tendency of investors to move their money from high-risk assets to low risk-assets in times of turmoil. For example, the herd might exchange high-yield bonds and volatile tech stocks for the stability of gold or the Swiss Franc. The logic behind this transfer of assets is to […]

How to Make a Good Investment in Fine Wine

Sometimes, the most memorable things experienced during university didn’t seem important at the time. Maybe some of you had a statistics class where the teacher demonstrated “the birthday problem.” In a class of 40 students, there’s an 89% chance two people have the same birthday. Doesn’t seem intuitive, but there’s a mathematical explanation for it. […]

How to Make a Fine Art Investment

Buy shares in million-dollar paintings using Masterworks. Low correlations to stocks. No need to be an accredited investor. Live offerings today include Monet.

How to Get Into Commercial Real Estate Investing

Take your life savings, invest it all in a single momentum stock, then sit back and see how easy it is to go about your normal life. See if you can go one single day without checking the price of your treasured stock. That emotional roller coaster epitomizes what it’s like to be a retail […]

Low-Risk Passive Income That’s High Yield

Ever since Tim Ferris made the broader public aware of the “4-Hour Workweek,” people have been dreaming about how they might be able to get rich by working half as much as they do now. That makes about as much sense as it sounds. There are plenty of digital nomads out there who promise they’ll show […]

Art Tokens for the Millennial Generation

We have a lot of fun writing articles here at Nanalyze, and it shows in the quality of our content which our lovely readers consume and share across the globe. Sure, we do piss a few people off occasionally when we use cultural stereotypes in a humorous manner, but the people who complain about it […]

4 Crowdsourced Hedge Funds for Algorithmic Trading

A meritocracy is all about rewarding people on the basis of their abilities. This almost always turns out to be those people who work harder and take bigger risks. It’s what has made our present day society so great. Everything you see around you today is the result of a meritocracy that rewards those people who work […]

A Look at Human IPOs, Human ICOs, and ISAs

Many people seem to be getting all excited about ICOs because they will “fix the broken venture capital model”. It’s as if all the amazing technological innovations around us are somehow lacking and if we could only democratize the flow of money to startups, that would somehow result in an even faster pace of innovation. That’s a […]