Agriculture Drones

11 Agriculture Imaging Solutions for Crops

The Landsat program is a joint NASA/USGS program that provides the longest continuous space-based record of Earth’s land in existence since its launch back in 1972. Forty-seven years later, human beings have found countless applications for satellite imaging technology from a global air traffic control system to global Internet for the masses. You can now use […]

10 AgTech Startups for Agriculture in Africa

Brunch has become one of those pretentious, First World affectations that make us want to move to a deserted atoll in the Marshall Islands and eat coconut crabs all day. The most offensive part of this trendy ritual is the even trendier avocado toast. It’s an avocado spread on bread that has been toasted. That’s […]

6 IoT in Agriculture Solutions from AgTech Startups

There are about 7.6 billion people on our little spinning blue ball. That number is projected to surge to about 10 billion by mid-century. You know what that means? Yes, longer queue lines for the restroom at Yo-Yo Ma concerts. It also means that the world will need to produce between 60 and 70 percent […]

11 Startups for Drone Mapping and Aerial Imagery

One way we keep our overworked and underpaid MBAs busy here at Nanalyze is to run predictive analytics exercises. This mainly consists of them wondering out loud what it would be like if movies from the 1980s were remade today, with the latest tech gadgetry inserted into key scenes. Take the classic “Revenge of the […]

An Agriculture Drone IPO From AgEagle Aerial Systems

Drones are all the rage now, but for retail investors who want in on a piece of that action, there aren’t that many ways to invest in this theme. This is mainly because the biggest drone players like DJI Innovations and 3D Robotics are privately held companies. There are some publicly traded drone stocks like […]