Affective Computing

7 Startups Giving Artificial Intelligence (AI) Emotions

We’ve written a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) here at Nanalyze, and just when we feel like there’s not much more we can add to the topic, we find loads more interesting companies to write about. There has been a lot of talk lately about how machines just won’t be able to capture that “human element” of […]

Faception – AI Powered Facial Recognition Technology

You won’t find more enthusiastic supporters of the Fourth Industrial Revolution than us, as long as the technology is solid, the business plan is sound and society progresses toward a better future for all of us. And then there’s isht out there that scares the bejesus out of us, stoking our worst dystopian fears, like […]

Affective Computing and AI Emotion Recognition

In a recent article on 5 Computer Vision and Image Understanding Companies, we talked about how artificial intelligence is enabling computers to see as well as humans when recognizing images and in even some cases better. A company we wrote about before called Enlitic has developed a deep learning algorithm that can increase the accuracy of […]