3D Printing Metals

7 of the Most Funded 3D Printing Startups in 2017

From customized sneakers to orbital rockets, its seems that 3D printing is making a comeback thanks to a new wave of innovation. A $200 million mega-round in late December helped 2017 finish as the best year ever for venture-capital-backed startups in terms of funding. One of the industry’s biggest boosters, GE, believes 3D printing will […]

General Electric’s Plan for 3D Printing with Metals

When we first heard about 3D printing, it was a rumor floating around in the recesses of Hewlett-Packard’s (NYSE:HPQ) printer development teams. Someone had heard that HPE was actually printing chess pieces, something that sounded right out of Star Trek. Then when desktop 3D printing started gaining in popularity, people found that printing chess pieces just […]

When Will We Start to See 3D Printed Cars?

The real value behind 3D printing is what some refer to as “distributed manufacturing“, the idea that we no longer have to build everything at a single centralized factory but instead we can build at multiple decentralized locations. In addition to saving on transport and shipping costs, another value-add is that of flexibility. Imagine a world someday where […]

3D Printing Metal – The 7 Most Funded Startups

The 3D printing industry has seen its booms and busts during its short lifespan. The industry first shot into prominence in 2009, after a key patent that covered the technology expired. Then in 2014, the patent for laser sintering technology, the most prominent tech for 3D printing metals, expired as well. Since then, we have […]

A 3D Printing Metals IPO from Aurora Labs

It couldn’t have been more than 2 years ago when 3D printing was all the rage with investors until about the beginning of Q4-2014 when the bubble decided to burst. Here’s a look at what happened to the 3D printing metals IPO from ExOne (NASDAQ:XONE) right around that time: Notice how ExOne (NASDAQ:XONE) traded on […]

ProtoLabs is Not a 3D Printing Company. Yet.

While 3D printing has excited many investors with promises of incredible growth, the overall 3D Printing “industry” has taken a pounding lately. Industry leaders Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS) and 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) are down -30% and -53% year-to-date. If you bought into the exOne IPO (NASDAQ:XONE) when it took place, you’d be wondering where -55% of your […]

3 Things PyroGenesis Did in 2014

While many of our readers engage with us through the comments section on our articles, a fair number will also email us with questions or suggestions as to what companies we might want to take a look at. We’ll always look to research companies brought to our attention by readers which leads us to PyroGenesis. […]

Is Zecotek Photonics a 3D Printing Company?

3D printing stocks have not fared well lately. 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) hit a 52-week low of $39.09 in their last trading session. Xone (NASDAQ:XONE) has lost -45% of their market capitalization in just 3 months. Even industry leader Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS) has lost nearly -20% year-to-date. Investing in 3D printing can be a volatile experience, yet […]

All About ExOne – A 3D Look at the Fundamentals

In markets that seem almost bipolar, with the long sustained rally of 2013 followed by a sharp correction in biotechnology and technology stocks in 2014, finding a reason for the wild gyrations of stocks becomes increasingly difficult. In this environment understanding the fundamental aspects of the business, rather than focusing on the day to day […]

14 Most Recent 3D Systems (DDD) Acquisitions

Just several days ago, 3D Systems announced yet another acquisition when they acquired The Sugar Lab, a company that produces novel 3D confections. Acquisitions have been happening at such a frantic pace for 3D Systems that it’s worth stopping to take a closer look at just what type of companies have been acquired in 2012/2013. […]