3D Printing Graphene

What’s Up with Graphene Stocks? Remember Graphene?

Over the past 4 years we’ve dedicated 27 articles to educating investors about “the graphene industry” and so far, we have to say it’s been a bigger disappointment than carbon nanotubes, which were also expected to change the world. Graphene stocks just haven’t performed leaving us wondering if graphene will ever live up to its […]

Investing in 3D Printing Filament Companies

The most commonly used 3D Printers today utilize a technology called Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) which creates 3D objects from a spool of filament that is melted and then cooled again as seen below: The materials used to create these filaments always have thermoplastic properties which means they become soft when heated and hard when cooled. Some […]