Quantigence – A Dividend Growth Investing Strategy

One question we get asked a lot is where we invest our own dollars. While we hold select tech stocks, the vast majority of our dollars have been socked into a dividend growth strategy that’s been developed over the past decade by investment professionals who grew weary of the corporate BS. They created an investment strategy that lets you sleep well at night. It’s a dividend growth investment strategy that stands the test of time. It’s a strategy that provides retail investors with an income stream that grows every year, easily outpacing inflation. In fact, you could say it’s an entirely different asset class.  

Based on recent global developments, it seems that we’re now exiting the longest bull market in history. The portfolio we created using the Quantigence methodology remains stable in periods of market turmoil. That’s because it’s invested in major corporations that have withstood some of the worst global financial crises while not only paying, but increasingdividends consistently for 36 years or more on average.

An investment of $10,000 twenty-five years ago would now be worth $237,000. Talk about living your golden years.

In this document, we’re going to show you exactly how we built our 30-stock portfolio. Every. Single. Step. We’ll show you how each stock can be ranked in comparison to its industry peers using proprietary “Q-scores” developed by experienced finance professionals over a decade:

The Quantigence investment strategy is freely available to Nanalyze Premium subscribers because the more money you make, the more you’ll be keen to give us in the future when we introduce you to even better investment tools. Subscribe today.

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