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Throughout the years we’ve been watching AI percolate throughout a diverse range of industries, from fintech and AI-powered investment banking to smart farming technologies. As we noted in our article on some trends in artificial intelligence, healthcare is where machine learning will pave the way to a new era of better drugs and smarter healthcare management. Machines are becoming as good as humans in their ability to interpret medical images. About 40% of healthcare providers reportedly use some form of AI-powered, computer-assisted diagnostics like chatbots or apps that offer personalized health advice based on a patient’s data, biometric inputs from wearables, or the rich datasets contained in today’s electronic healthcare records (EHRs). 

While the investment opportunity into AI has largely belonged to venture capital investors up to this point, the rapid growth of AI healthcare solutions means retail investors can now build an investment strategy around this emerging technology. Forget IBM and Dr. Watson – we’re talking about real pure play investments here. We have compiled this Nanalyze Premium report for our readers where we identify seven stocks that are pure plays in the AI healthcare space. 

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