Revisiting the Three Biggest Gene Editing Stocks

The adage “rules are meant to be broken” doesn’t work well if you’re a disciplined investor. What’s the point of having an objective methodology if you don’t follow it? Breaking our own tech investing methodology is very uncomfortable, yet something we need to do when investing in gene editing and AI drug discovery. Both these […]

Pure Storage Stock: Software Eats Hardware

AI algorithms are only as good as the big data you feed them. ARK Invest’s fearless leader, Cathie Wood, told Bloomberg today that software companies will be the true beneficiaries of the AI explosion. UiPath (PATH) is learning about how knowledge workers work, and this allows them to perform more advanced automations, perhaps even with […]

Cadence Stock vs Synopsys Stock: The Winner Is?

Diversification sometimes makes decisions more difficult. If you have two companies that are of the same size, and doing roughly the same thing, deciding which one to hold can be tough. Until one is firmly established as a leader, your choice will change as information changes. The easy way out is to purchase both stocks, […]

Elastic Stock: An Insight Engine and More

Are you sitting down? We’ve got some bad news for you. Despite what the DEI department wants you to believe, not everyone is cut out to be a leader. Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers both proposed frameworks that show how genetic and cultural components contribute to people adopting certain personality types, some of which […]

Investing in AI With Semiconductor Stocks

What’s the most common mistake newbie investors make? No Little Johnny, it’s not backing up the truck on a stonk because a “community” of cheerleaders convinced you to, nor is it thinking a $5 stock is cheaper than a $100 stock. The mistake we see made most often is providing share price performance without utilizing […]

Netapp: Is It a Growth or Value Stock?

Growth and value are words thrown around by some investors who don’t understand the significance of these labels. For over three decades, companies like MSCI (MSCI) have been slicing and dicing the universe of global stocks into categories like value and growth using objective measures. A stock can exist in both a growth and value […]

Illumina Board Under Siege by Carl Icahn

“Illumina‚Äôs acquisition of GRAIL seems to have fallen through which means they wasted a great deal of resources as a result of consistently bad decision-making.” That’s the conclusion we reached six months ago in an article on Illumina (ILMN) titled, Illumina Stock Falls on GRAIL Acquisition Fail. While we typically check in with our stocks […]

Hashicorp: A Play on Cloud Computing Growth

There are a handful of investment themes that almost mandate participation because the potential opportunity is so large. Any total addressable market (TAM) upwards of $500 billion deserves some attention because it’s just too big to ignore. NVIDIA believes AI chips represent a $600 billion TAM, and last year they captured less than 5% of […]

Investing in Cloud Computing. Any Growth Left?

Just five companies in the world are worth more than a trillion dollars. Of those, four are tech firms, and three are the largest cloud computing providers in the world with a combined market share of around 65% – Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Referred to as “hyperscalers,” they’re all experiencing tremendous growth while targeting an […]

5 International Mid-Cap Robotics Stocks

Nobody does automation like the Japanese. From robots delivering food in popular chain restaurants to thermostats that will draw you a bath and tell you when it’s ready, the country is light years ahead of most. In many cases, Japanese automation addresses specific cultural use cases that just haven’t caught on abroad. Similarly, cultural differences […]