About Nanalyze

Who we are

We are a media and research firm founded by finance professionals with decades of experience. Our research method involves sifting through large amounts of information in the public domain published by experts, then using our regular meetings and interviews with founders and industry participants to validate and boost our findings.

What we do

We educate and inform investors about disruptive technologies such that investment capital is directed towards those technologies that make the world a better place. We share insights about disruptive technology investments in a language that is future-proof and easy to understand – no financial jargon or technobabble. We write about startups, investable securities, market trends, and investment strategies in 12 key themes for an audience of retail and institutional investors, venture capitalists, corporates, management consultants, and entrepreneurs.

Why we do it

We give a voice to great ideas of the future, calling out anything that’s empty hype or a scam. True tech innovation makes everyone’s lives better, and we want to play our part in that. We also immensely enjoy learning from people smarter than us.

What we offer

For investors, both retail and institutional, our Nanalyze Premium subscription provides access to all premium research articles covering disruptive technology stocks and ETFs. Annual subscribers also receive access to our in-depth investment reports and tools including The Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Stock Portfolio Report. In our premium articles and reports, we evaluate stocks, ETFs, alternative assets, and other investment vehicles that allow investors to get exposure to 12 disruptive technologies and more than 70 related technology themes. More information on how we evaluate potential investments can be found in The Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Investing Methodology.

For startups and public relations/communications agencies, we offer Nanalyze Content Marketing, a service that helps companies articulate their exciting story to a broad audience of readers across the globe. We also provide custom research services for companies or agencies. If you’re interested to work with Nanalyze on custom research projects, please email us directly at info[at]nanalyze[dot]com.

Our story

Founded in 2003, Nanalyze started as a forum where investors could share information on companies involved in nanotechnology. Nanalyze was key in distributing objective information that helped differentiate real nanotechnology companies from “pump and dump” OTC stocks that attempted to capitalize on the hype surrounding nanotechnology. Today Nanalyze has moved to a publishing format so that our readers can better access information that will help them make more informed investment decisions.

Our team

As Nanalyze writers, we are a diverse group of individuals who collectively run the gamut when it comes to background, country of origin, work experience, education, race, gender, sexuality, and just about every other way you can slice and dice a population. The one thing we all have in common is a fascination for technology, a strong intellectual curiosity, an acceptance of our editorial guidelines, and the desire to help our fellow investors. We stand together as a single unified voice, calling things as we see them, while providing factual, insightful content to our lovely readers.

Joe Pivarunas

Managing Editor

A Lithuanian immigrant, Joe is a citizen of the world having lived, worked, and achieved a degree on three continents and completed a marathon on all seven continents. The first half of his career was spent in software startups while the second half was spent in finance. He has traveled to over 130 countries, scouting technology startups in far-flung places across the globe, and can most likely be found in some obscure country writing about technology investing.

Peter Rejcek


Formerly the world’s only full-time journalist covering research in Antarctica, Peter became a freelance writer and digital nomad in 2015. Peter’s professional focus for the last decade has been on science journalism. More recently, his interests and expertise have expanded to technology, health and business. An addicted traveler, Peter brings a global perspective to his writing while trying to keep it local, especially when it comes to the beer and food.

Peter Veto

Research Advisor

Hungarian by birth, global citizen by choice, Peter has spent the first chapter in his career helping investment bankers make more money in Europe and the Middle East. More recently he’s moved on to technology, startups, writing, and fashion design. Peter’s very interested in the creative arts and is a huge fan of the Japanese culture above and beyond Dragonball.

Wyatt Counterman

Head of Operations

Originally a music student, Wyatt traded in his drumsticks for a Bloomberg terminal and now helps Nanalyze run smoothly. He has worked in all facets of the finance world from banking to planning to operations to analysis. He spends the little free time he’s allowed to have playing in local chess tournaments, buying and selling vintage clothes, and spending time outdoors with his wife and dog.

Anna Lovella Velasquez

Client Support Manager

After a 20-year career in healthcare, Anna decided she wanted more flexibility so she could go live on a beautiful tropical island and spend time with her family. She now acts as our social media manager among other things, and is indispensable when it comes to helping us keep our MBAs in check.

Indira Villaruel

Social Media Manager

Wife and mother of two. A former seafarer now putting roots on the ground for a family with Nanalyze.

Full Disclosure

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