About Nanalyze

Mission: To educate and inform investors about disruptive technologies such that investment capital is directed towards those technologies that make the world a better place.


Founded in 2003, Nanalyze started as a forum where investors could share information on companies involved in the nanotechnology space. Over time Nanalyze grew to one of the biggest investment forums in the technology space with 1900 different technology investing topics. In 2004 when nanotechnology became an emerging theme among investors, Nanalyze was key in distributing objective information that helped differentiate real nanotechnology companies from “pump and dump” OTC stocks that attempted to capitalize on the hype surrounding nanotechnology.

Nanalyze Today

Many years later, Nanalyze has moved from a forum format to a publishing format so that our readers can better access information that will help them make more informed investment decisions. We have also expanded outside of just nanotechnology to include additional disruptive technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, AR/VR, life science technologies, and clean tech.

Joe P.

Managing Editor

A Lithuanian immigrant, Joe is a citizen of the world having lived, worked, and achieved a degree on 3 continents. The first half of his career was spent in software startups while the second half was spent in finance. He can most likely be found in one of the 114 countries he hasn’t visited yet writing about technology investing.

Peter Rejcek


Formerly the world’s only full-time journalist covering research in Antarctica, Peter became a freelance writer and digital nomad in 2015. Peter’s professional focus for the last decade has been on science journalism. More recently, his interests and expertise have expanded to technology, health and business. An addicted traveler, Peter brings a global perspective to his writing while trying to keep it local, especially when it comes to the beer and food.

Merb Ganzon

Social Media Manager

Merb is a man who wears many hats having worked as a widely creative graphic artist and a versatile writer. In his current role at Nanalyze he makes all of our social media channels tick while engaging with the companies we write about. He often uses the skills he learned during his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology to figure out what makes all his crazy colleagues tick.

Nanalyze Editorial Philosophy

  • We don’t use bylines because we want the focus on the message, not the messenger
  • We focus on providing insights, not news
  • We never assume the reader has any prior technical knowledge or investing experience
  • We take a global perspective and try to acknowledge our ethnocentricism
  • We owe it to our readers to say things as they are, even if that hurts people’s feelings
  • We are constantly learning alongside our readers
  • We don’t make direct investing recommendations
  • We focus on long-term investments that we can understand using common sense
  • We believe that integrity is our most important value
  • We believe that with enough hard work, even an MBA can succeed in life

Nanalyze Writers

As Nanalyze writers we are a diverse group of individuals who collectively run the gamut when it comes to background, country of origin, education, race, gender, sexuality, and just about every other way you can slice and dice a population. The one thing we all have in common is a fascination for technology, a strong intellectual curiosity, an acceptance of our editorial guidelines, and the desire to help our fellow investors. We stand together as a single unified voice, calling things as we see them, while providing factual, insightful content to our lovely readers.

Full Disclosure

This website provides information about the stock market and other investments. This website does not provide investment advice and should not be used as a replacement for investment advice from a qualified professional. This website is for informational purposes only. The writers on this website are not registered investment advisors and do not offer investment advice. You, the reader, bear responsibility for your own investment decisions and should seek the advice of a qualified securities professional before making any investment.

Nanalyze currently has major affiliate relationships with Interactive Brokers, Amazon.com, and Ally Invest. We also have minor affiliate relationships with Ancestry.com, Betterment, GeneByGene, and various other companies.

Some Nanalyze articles are written by finance professionals who may at times take positions in various companies or investment products discussed on this site.