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Global Internet Race Finally Takes Off in Earnest

News just broke that the $26 billion-plus merger between Sprint (S) and T-Mobile (TMUS) is going forward. Apparently, the federal judge in the case weighed the arguments carefully and decided that consolidation of the two telecommunications companies is good for the free market. (More likely, he already bought one of the new 5G-enabled phones and […]

Global Internet to Keep Us Connected Everywhere

All due respect to NASCAR fans, but this is the sort of race we’d rather watch: companies competing to be the first to unleash the world’s first global internet. Because, hey, we need to be able to surf porn check our fantasy baseball team from anywhere on the planet. It would also be useful to […]

About MSCI’s Global Innovation Indexes

In our recent article on innovation management, we looked past the buzzwords to talk about the importance of constant improvement at a company-wide level. Says Wikipedia, innovation is “the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.” Investment management firm ARK Invest takes this a step further by defining […]

The Global AI Race – Top AI Startups Around the World

In 2017, Vladimir Putin said that whoever leads in artificial intelligence will rule the world. His words are a testament to the enormous potential for AI to shape the future of humanity. In order to understand which country might be winning so we can start buttering them up, we decided to send our MBAs out […]

Solving the Global Identity Verification Problem

The entire world is as connected as the closest WiFi spot, which means that as a business, you need to be thinking globally. While more than half our audience hails from the United States, we have readers coming from every single country on this planet – except the DPRK. If you’re a business that provides a location-agnostic […]

The Global Impact of Cheap Satellites and Launches

This past summer we sent one of our MBAs up to Alaska to search for the origins of Alaskan Thunderfcuk and to see if any innovation might be happening that far up north. We managed to come across a great story about an Alaskan service provider, Microcom, that’s working with a satellite firm called Astranis, to provide the State’s population with affordable broadband […]

5 Examples of Global Innovation in Materials

“Move over Graphene: Next-Gen 2D Materials Could Revolutionize Technology,” was the title of an article last month by Discover which talked about a family of “atomically thin” nanomaterials that will usher in a new era of material innovation. It’s not like graphene needs to move over much. In our recent piece on The Long Road to […]

Affordable Broadband Internet for Everyone in Alaska

This past week, 18,000 pounds of Copper River Salmon arrived in Seattle on board Alaskan Airlines “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon” flight, much to the delight of chefs and foodies across the Pacific Northwest. It’s just one of many famous exports from Alaska, a state with about the same number of people that Seattle, the city, has, but with a whole lot […]

Global Air Traffic Control System Uses Iridium Satellites

Global. In some circles, it’s a dirty word, denoting some secret cabal of Knights Templar or Mole Men that’s attempting to establish a New World Order. The internet has certainly helped spread such conspiracy theories, and we’ll soon be able to broadcast even more fake news as companies race to throw up huge satellite networks […]

SNSR – An Internet of Things ETF for IoT Investors

Long-time readers of Nanalyze know that one of our oft-repeated pieces of wisdom—and remember what they say about opinions and particular anatomical parts—is that one of the best ways to get skin into the game for any particular technology theme is through an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). We recently profiled a couple of robotics and […]