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What Happened to the Promise of Biofuels?

Spring is here, and the air is fresh with new hopes and possibilities. We’ll get to those in a minute. First, let’s remind ourselves of one, haunting, apocalyptic reality: we are actually running out of fossil fuels. Also, the burning of those fossil fuels releases gas that traps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, and scientists […]

Algae Company Joule Merges with Red Rock Biofuels

Imagine being able to use synthetic biology to create a genetically altered organism that uses the sun’s energy to literally sweat ethanol or hydrocarbon fuels. Joule, a company we first wrote about just over 2 years ago, has created such an organism which they are still working to commercialize. Just last week, Joule announced that they have merged […]

3 of Synthetic Biology’s Failing Biofuel Stocks

Synthetic biology is exciting, make no mistake. The first alien life form or “designer organism” was created by Craig Venter in 2010 and now Mr. Venter, a synthetic biology pioneer, is looking to increase human longevity. Another exciting synbio company is Intrexon (XON) with their synthetic biology design platform that can be used to create apples that don’t […]

6 Sustainable Materials Made from Microalgae and Seaweed

One thing about emerging technologies is that you never know when – or if – they will finally fulfill their promise or fall flat. Take the miracle material graphene. Thin, light, and hard as a diamond, graphene was supposed to revolutionize how we build everything in the future. Not so much. We’ve written about 30 […]

A Pure-Play Protein Engineering Stock

The donkeys and the elephants are preparing for war in November when they should really be focused on more amazing things – like protein engineering. We recently wrote about how scientists are Designing Proteins to be Molecular Machines using algorithms that need to consider more amino acid combinations than atoms in the universe. The proteins […]

Investing in Green Technology Companies and Stocks

TABLE OF CONTENTS What Are Green Technologies? Renewable Energy Stocks and Companies Water Technology and Desalination Agtech Companies and Stocks Agtech in New Zealand Indoor Farming Agtech Stocks Food Technology Companies and Stocks Lab-Grown Meat Investing in Electric Vehicles and EV Charging Investing in Batteries and Grid Storage The Growth of Lithium-Ion Batteries Grid Storage […]

Investing in Synthetic Biology Stocks and Companies

Saint Steve Jobs once said “I think the biggest innovations of the twenty-first century will be the intersection of biology and technology.” That’s a great way to describe synthetic biology, perhaps the most disruptive technology mankind will ever create. Since all living things have DNA in their cells, we can do unimaginable things if we can: Read the DNA […]

Investing in Renewable Energy Stocks and Companies

What Is Renewable Energy and Why Is It Important? If you’ve been following the news to even a minimal extent over the past years, you’ll be aware of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its famous report on the effects of global warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius. The report paints a scary picture about […]

A Guide to Investing in Fuel Cell Stocks

We recently published a piece on how hydrogen fuel cells might be used to power drones that carry humans, leading one of our readers to remark, “not the ‘hydrogen economy’ again!” We share those sentiments, having watched fuel cell technology take off at a crawl with no widespread adoption apparent. While fuel cells are being […]

8 Israeli Waste and Recycling Startups

While Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation, the lesser-known Silicon Wadi is perhaps more impressive. In Arabic, “wadi” means valley, so it’s a fitting way to describe the high concentration of technology companies on the coastal plain of Israel. For a country with just over 8.7 million people (that’s about the same size as New Yawk City), Israel […]