What Tech Exposure Does Thermo Fisher Stock Provide?

Life sciences is one of the most exciting, complex, and volatile disruptive technologies that we invest in. The complexity is evident in the different themes that we focus on, especially technologies around gene sequencing. Equally head-spinning is a field known as proteomics, which studies proteins. Proteins are the workhorses of cells, carrying out numerous biological functions, with applications across everything from drug development to industrial products like detergent and biofuels. 

The exciting part, of course, is investing in companies that can unlock some of this potential for profit. We originally went long on Quanterix (QTRX) stock as a way to play the anticipated proteomics boom after analyzing seven proteomics stocks. Unfortunately, Quanterix stock has dropped like a rock ever since, along with our confidence in the company’s management. After our 2023 annual proteomics check-in, we began to see Sweden’s Olink (OLK) emerge as a leader. However, before we could swap QTRX for OLK in our Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Portfolio, Thermo Fisher Scientific (TMO) announced it would acquire Olink later this year.

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