dLocal: A Diversified Emerging Market Fintech

May 12. 2024. 5 mins read

Around 85% of the world’s people live in what’s broadly referred to as “emerging markets.” This giant ecosystem contains 158 countries, all of which are distinctly different places to operate. The fifth largest country in the world, Pakistan, is very different from the sixth largest, Nigeria. Both represent nearly half a billion customers.

If you’re the owner of a large multinational brand, it makes sense to sell your goods in as many jurisdictions as possible. In each country, you’ll need to accept and process payments using their preferred methods of payment. Figuring out each culture starting from scratch would be a nightmare. Why not find someone who has already built a payments platform that supports the world’s largest emerging markets? That’s dLocal (DLO).

Our one single direct API payment platform empowers global enterprises to reach billions of customers, accept payments, send payouts, and settle funds in emerging markets.

Credit: dLocal
Infographic showing dLocal's platform
Credit: dLocal

Short End of the Stick

Click for dLocal company website

Several years ago, dLocal stock was beaten and battered after a short report accused them of various indiscretions, something we cover

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