Quanterix Nearly Completes Strategic Revamp

November 30. 2023. 4 mins read

When a company runs into systemic problems with their product or service, transparency is a quality that investors immediately look for. It’s the same approach to take with clients who may be suffering as well. Quanterix (QTRX) showed a lot of transparency last year when a management shakeup followed some major quality problems, a disaster we elaborated upon in a piece titled Why Quanterix Stock is Dropping Like a Rock. At that time, shares were trading at less than the cash on their books. In other words, anyone buying the stock would have been receiving a free proteomics company. Shares have since recovered, but questions remain as to whether the systemic quality problems have been rectified. With new leadership at the helm, it’s time to check back in to see the progress being made to right the ship.

The Turnaround Story

This summer’s piece on Checking in With Seven Proteomics Stocks noted that if we were to invest in proteomics today, we’d choose Olink (OLK) over the rest. Now that Olink is pending an acquisition by Thermo Fisher (TMO), we’re down to six proteomics stocks and a thesis that’s now getting a bit more attention. We last left Quanterix wondering if it makes sense to hold the position until growth resumes. We won’t have long to wait now as the latest earnings call mentions the six-quarter transformation plan laid out last yea

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