Elastic Stock: An Insight Engine and More

Are you sitting down? We’ve got some bad news for you. Despite what the DEI department wants you to believe, not everyone is cut out to be a leader. Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers both proposed frameworks that show how genetic and cultural components contribute to people adopting certain personality types, some of which demonstrate natural leadership tendencies more than others. In other words, great leaders were probably great leaders before they went to bee school.

If that’s the case, why spend six figure on business school? It’s because you acquire tools in exchange for several years of your life and even more years of debt. For example, you learn how to become more comfortable making decisions with limited information. HBS case studies help develop such skills. Leaders need to make decisions with conviction, and not being able to decide is not an option. That’s why we were surprised to see a few stocks in our tech tock catalog where under the “love/like/avoid” column someone put “undecided.” (Rolls eyes.) One of those is Elastic (ESTC).

What Does Elastic Do?

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Elastic says they’re a search company with an $85 billion total addressable market (TAM). So, what’s Google, chopped liver? One of the differences lies in public domain vs. private domain. Elastic aims to “enable every organizat

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