Natera Stock Expands into Cancer Blood Testing

January 5. 2023. 8 mins read

To say it’s been a tough year for retail investors would be an understatement. That’s especially true for technology stocks, with the Nasdaq down 35% for the year compared to about a 20% drop for the S&P 500. Interestingly, biotech stocks haven’t done as bad, based on the broad NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NBI), which currently tracks 273 biotech and pharmaceutical companies. It only lost about 13% in 2022, as the clock winds down on another year. Of course, there are plenty of biotechs that fared much worse, including some in our own Nanalyze Disruptive Tech Portfolio

Take Guardant Health stock (GH), which has taken a beating this year. In May, we wrote about the coming storm right before the liquid biopsy company released its Q2-2022 results. At the time, our original thesis that Guardant Health is well positioned to be a leader in the emerging cancer blood-screening market was still solid. It seemed like a good time to add shares after the stock price cratered. Another precipitous drop in Guardant Health stock earlier this month, based on the somewhat lackluster results of a long-term study (at least compared to the current standard of a competitor),

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