Is GTI Stock the Best MSO for Cannabis Investors?

Contradictions are rife in the societies that surround us. America is one of two countries in the world where pharmaceutical companies can peddle drugs directly to consumers, but if you smoke a plant that grows like a weed, you’ll get put in the slammer in some states. So why has it taken so long for America to start legalizing a plant that’s benign when compared to Class A drugs like Adderall that are handed out like candy?

Pending legalization is one reason why we waited so long before investing in cannabis stocks. There’s been a lot of noise surrounding the great green rush. Only after years of watching and analyzing the industry – and partaking of its now somewhat legal products around the world for extensive market research – did we finally pull the trigger on one cannabis stock. We recently revisited Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF), which we believe is one of the best of many multi-state operators (MSOs) out there that run vertically integrated retail operations, despite some flaws. However, it’s not the biggest cannabis company based on market cap.

Top five publicly traded cannabis companies by market cap.

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