It’s Finally Time to Invest in Cannabis

December 9. 2022. 6 mins read

Few investment themes have attracted more interest from newbie investors than cannabis. (No, we’ve never considered crypto in its current form to be much of an investment.) Along with strong retail investor interest comes extreme volatility reminiscent of meme stocks. Institutional investors can’t participate and provide stability because many don’t want to get involved with a product that remains illegal at the federal level. This translates into value to be unlocked once cannabis becomes fully legalized in the United States.

One of the most notable cannabis investment firms out there is Key Investment Partners (KIP). Based in the burgeoning cannabis hub of Denver Colorado, KIP invests opportunistically across all sub-sectors of the cannabis industry, with the intent of identifying high-growth, market-leading companies that are backed by exceptional management teams. To supplement their efforts, the firm produces rich reports on the state of cannabis in the States. Past themes we’ve covered from KIP’s reports include Investing in Ancillary Cannabis and When Will Cannabis Be Legalized? Today, we want to discuss their latest report – Cannabis 2.0: Investing in Today’s Regulated Industry – which looks at the value to be unlocked when legalization inevitably happens. More notable is the shift in KIP’s recom

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