Is It Finally Time to Sell Protolabs Stock?

November 10. 2022. 5 mins read

Deciding to buy a stock is easy. We spend a minimal amount of time convincing ourselves that it’s worth the risk while conducting due diligence that would hardly be considered sufficient. If 95% of professional money managers can’t succeed at stock picking, spending several hours in your underwear on a Saturday morning “researching” a stock while trying to avoid the temptation of YouTube isn’t going to cut it. It’s precisely why everyone wants someone else to take responsibility for their investment decisions. Still, you pull the trigger and ideally accumulate a position using dollar cost averaging. If the share price goes up, you attribute that to your tremendous investing acumen. If it falls, you panic and start consulting with The Ministry of Truth.

Google searches on why a stock is going down or up
Credit: The Ministry of Truth

The tough part is deciding when to sell a stock. Our portfolio cap weighting rule helps trim the winners as we did with NVIDIA (in 2021 alone, we recovered our cost basis more than seven times over), while our tremendous investing acumen helped us reap the rewards when gene-editing stocks hit the moon because of hype. (Regular readers know that our secret weapon for generating alpha is the Romanian fortune teller we hired on Fiverr who made

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