Tilray: Cannabis Stock or Conglomerate?

The more popular an investment theme becomes, the more likely retail investors get burned. Hype around any particular thesis is often driven by niche pundits who spout every bullish point they can dream up in newsletters that double as promotion platforms. That's why we only invest in a thesis after heavily scrutinizing the space, and then subjecting the leader(s) to an even more critical eye. Still, it's likely some firms will inevitably pull a Bind Therapeutics.

It's hard to think of an investment theme that's wreaked more havoc among newbie investors than cannabis. At peak hype in late 2018, Canadian cannabis darling Tilray (TLRY) traded above $148 a share in the months following their IPO. Since then, shares have fallen nearly 98% to trade at around $3.36 a share giving the company a market cap of just over two billion dollars. With a simple valuation ratio of 3.4, some subscribers have rightfully inquired as to whether there's value to be had in Tilray stock.

About Tilray ...

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