SmartRent Stock: Enterprise Smart Home IoT Solutions

October 24. 2022. 7 mins read

We recently did a deep dive into a fast-growing telehealth company that’s trying to become the go-to platform that employers use to cut healthcare costs by emphasizing things like primary care video visits. There’s quite a scramble to grab market share in digital healthcare, including from Amazon, though the e-commerce giant hasn’t quite conquered the market like it has in other technology sectors. 

Take the $113 billion smart home market (an estimate attributed to data research firm IDC). It’s been a short eight years since Amazon introduced its deep-state surveillance device smart speaker and its ubiquitous voice assistant. Today, Alexa is connected to some 300 million devices and is compatible with about 140,000 different smart products, CNBC recently reported. Some of the most popular, of course, include the Echo and the smart camera line from Ring, which Amazon acquired for $1 billion in 2018. It may soon add iRobot (IRBT) to its portfolio of smart home devices, if it can overcome skepticism by the Federal Trade Commission and general privacy paranoia. (Between a flying security camera and an all-seeing vacuum cleaner, what’s the big fuss about?) Despite the gaudy numbers, the company’s grip is slipping over time, at least as measured by the smart speaker market.

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