Mobileye Stock: An Autonomous Driving Pure-Play

Usually, when a hardware company talks about how they can address 50 different use cases across 12 different industries, it means they haven’t made inroads into any. This is characteristic of companies with marginal revenues or none. Addressing a very specific use case and conquering it opens doors to adjacent opportunities. NVIDIA did a great job of this as they migrated from video cards to AI chips to data center hardware/software. Others like Illumina struggle to make a cash cow turn into a star. That’s referring to the BCG Matrix, something they teach you in business school that you’ll only ever use when you’re extremely stoned and trying to sound relevant.

The BCG Matrix
Credit: The Marketing Guide

But we didn’t come here to debate the merits of the BCG Matrix, we came here to talk about a company that’s focused on one very exciting niche – autonomous driving – and now they’re going to have an initial public offering (IPO). Again.

Mobileye is a leader in the development and deployment of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies and solutions.

Credit: Mobileye

About Mobileye Stock

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