AvidXchange Stock Sees Strong Growth in B2B Payments

October 26. 2022. 5 mins read

Going long a stock with conviction helps you sleep well at night when your portfolio is dramatically underwater because the market hit the skids. The Nasdaq has fallen 30% since the beginning of this year when the market peaked and the bear market started its slide. This means your average tech stock would have fallen 30%. That may seem like a large drop, but it’s quite tame. With the last bull market having lasted nearly a decade, it’s safe to say many retail investors have never felt real pain in their portfolios.

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To paraphrase Warren Buffet, don’t hold a stock you’ll feel uncomfortable holding when it loses half its value. That’s pretty much where we stand with AvidXchange (AVDX). A year ago, we published a piece on AvidXchange Stock: A B2B Payments Pure-Play which detailed a company using technology to save other companies money. The green bars below show the next four quarters of revenue growth for AvidXchange following our piece.

AvidXchange quarterly revenues

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