Alteryx Stock: AI Growth Stock for Big Data Analytics

October 5. 2022. 6 mins read

We keep waiting for the big brains in tech to create an artificial intelligence that will either enrich our lives beyond imagination or enslave humanity until the end of time. During the interim, we have to settle for news like this: Meta (née Facebook) just released a new AI system that lets people turn text prompts into brief, inane video clips.

Stills from Meta AI text-to-video examples.
Using the vast power of AI to create inane videos using text prompts is but one way the machines are conquering us through endless distractions. Credit: Meta AI

While it would be easy to dismiss this latest bit of AI tech as a parlor trick (like we just did), it’s also pretty friggin’ cool and represents one of the underappreciated benefits of artificial intelligence: Machines can kind of give the average person superpowers. Sort of. Or, at the very least, the ability to create something digitally that goes beyond our regular skillset, creativity, or brain power. It’s not just about creating freaky content like a Soho artist with a few clicks of a mouse button. Software is also turning the average white-collar worker into a data scientist thanks to the proliferation of low-code or no-code platforms that do most of the heavy lifting to build AI-powered applications for a wide variety of use cases. These might range from aggregating and analyzing sales data

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