dLocal Stock: Emerging Markets Payments

September 29. 2022. 5 mins read

If you ever land in a new country and don’t know how the local currency is valued, just look for a bottle of Coke in a shop just outside the airport. That price equates to roughly one greenback. Just be careful about what ATMs you use because they’re not all created equally. These days, you might not even need cash when you land in a foreign place. Just take an Uber to your Airbnb and sort things out after a good night’s sleep. In the morning, go find out what payment app is most popular, and you’ll never even need to withdraw cash.

Figuring out the useful apps in any country is the new way to travel as the world opens up to the digitization of consumerism. The way in which people pay for things in different places is diverse and fragmented which creates a problem for eCommerce giants that only accept Visa or Mastercard. That’s where dLocal enables large merchants like Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, and Nike to easily begin taking payments using a single application programming interface (API). In other words, with a single connection, an eCommerce firm can access 2 billion emerging market customers.

The Group processes online payment transactions through more than 700 payment methods enabling enterprise merchants located in developed economies (mainly United States, Europe and China) to get paid (“payins”) from customers in emerging markets and to make payments (“payouts”) to customers in emerging markets.

Credit: dLocal

Some sample use cases provided in their 20-F Annual Report include:

  • For a leading software enterprise, we offer a reliable, country-specific solution that facilitates payments, enabling merchants to sell their suite of products and services in Nigeria.
  • For one of the largest video streaming companies in the world, we enable

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