C3 Stock: Why Revenue Growth is Faltering

September 4. 2022. 6 mins read

The last proper bear market to take place was in 2007 when the S&P 500 lost more than half its value over 1.3 years. It’s fair to say that anyone 35 years old or younger has never experienced what true pain feels like, and many of today’s analysts seem shocked that growth is slowing for growth companies. That’s to be expected as companies tighten their purse strings in bear markets. Now is probably a good time to get bad news out of the way because you’ll get punished either way. That’s what recently happened with C3 (AI).

All of a sudden, those people who have approval authority to sign deals in previous quarters, all of a sudden, they didn’t have the approval authority to sign deals. And so right now, doing a large multimillion dollar or tens of millions of dollars capital contracts and corporations in any industry in the world is tough.

Tom Siebel

C3 Stock Falls Further

Just three months ago, we wrote a piece titled C3.ai Stock Plummets: Why We’re Not Worried which talked about our confidence in the firm’s ability to navigate the current bear market. Again, we see shares trading at all-time lows as the company made a very significant announcement regarding a change in their business model. That was accompanied by a large drop in guidance, something that likely caused the share price to fall yet again.

  • Fiscal 2023 Guidance Before: $308 – $316 million
  • Fiscal 2023 Guidance After: $255 – $270 million

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